Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine 
and Chinese Dietary Therapy consultations 
are available at the Yuan Centre in  
Colwood Gardens (Priory Road end)


The nearest adult education colleges

The venues for the classes are in 

Tooting, Morden, Wandsworth


Us Collywooders have proved to be true animals lovers 
judging by the posts in the local social media groups. 

Having rescued cats myself I know RSPCA do not always 
have the time but Veterinary Assist is Morden is great 
for lending a helping hand. If you're trying to trap/help 
an animal (domestic or wild) in distress get in touch. 

They is committed to providing, through their 
charitable arm, essential services in time of need, 
regardless of the client's circumstances.

Tel: 07961 952 379 / 07940 360 936
or fill in the online form here 

If you see an injured cat, dog or any domestic animal you can take it to any of the  local veterinary surgeries or Blue Cross Animal Hospital on the High Street

If your cat has gone walkabout you can report it missing in our very own Colliers Wood Cats facebook group. I started this group for locals cat owners so we can share all things feline. Dog owners are more than welcome to join as well, we don't care - all four legged friends and their owners are welcome!

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